Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sharee meets Mana


Dear friends & family,

We are working on something wonderful.

The stickers are coming in by the package loads.  Thank you so much.

Today I met with Rut and Adriana, both in charge of the local association for needy families called ‘Mana de Venado Tuerto.’ Rut is currently a professor at the local Santa Rosa college; Adriana is the retired Director.  I love how you can see my Spanish-English dictionary that I tote around everywhere. Too funny.

The association has provided six pages of names for us. Six! Wow.

We’ll keep finding.  We’ll keep organizing.  And you can keep smiling knowing that hundreds of little Argentine children will be getting a very very special Christmas this year.

Love, Sharee





Julie Jackson said...

AWESOME! What can I say? A true example of the real meaning of Christmas. Love ya!

Scott and Mandy said...


Stacey said...

Sharee you're incredible. I admire so much how you've just jumped in and overcome your fears to make something wonderful happen. You're amazing!