Monday, September 7, 2015

My Theory Pick

Short Answer: Just the Facts II by MusicBag Press.  (Don’t be confused by the II – it refers to the second version of the series.)  I love everything about this approach to theory: clean, straightforward, consistent, repetitive.  A clear description of each book is provided on their website so you’ll know exactly where to start your student (from Beginner A all the way up to Level 9).  The original Just the Facts is awesome, but it’s geared more towards the Texas State theory test.

AND it’s so nice for your student to have a different book intermingled in with all those similar-looking method books.

Long Answer: Back in my Texas days when I taught piano full-time alongside my part-time jobs to support my husband through his PhD, I learned a bucket load of tricks from the (here we go) - ‘No. 1 State for Music Teachers’ Associations Nationwide.’

Even music associations are bigger & better in Texas, too, I guess!

I joined the county association as quickly as possible, and let me tell you, I have never been a part of such an organized, serious, qualified, professional group of music teachers!  They knew their stuff, & I was proud to be a member.  Don’t worry though – not all great music associations reside in Texas…I’m pretty sure about that. ;)

* In Texas, preparation for the annual Texas State theory test is an integral part of every studio I encountered.  This annual test is deemed crucial in the music education of your student.  As a member of the local association, I had the opportunity to administer this test once to a group of Level 1 students & twice to a group of Level 3 students.  I was so impressed with the process of administration (completely non-intimidating), but even more impressed with the students’ knowledge & preparation!  I often wished I had the knowledge they portrayed when I was their age – it was amazing.  My theory instruction didn’t come until much later in my life…much later than I’d like to admit. *

Anyway, a team of teachers back in the mid-90s created a book specifically geared towards this test.  That’s when Just the Facts came along, & boy oh boy, I’m glad it did.  These books are full of treasure, and I’ve never had a student that didn’t enjoy their theory homework.  

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post – only a shout out on a product I have used & found successful.

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