Monday, September 7, 2015

Why it’s possible to teach your child piano

Many of you are just beginning the piano lesson journey as the parent teacher figure.  Welcome, welcome.  I promise you - it can be done, especially in the early years.  You’re in for a great experience.

On the flip-side, I got a degree in music for a reason, and I believe that piano students need qualified accredited teachers.  However, with the right guidance…and with some music background…committed parents with a can-do attitude CAN give their child a strong start or a necessary intervention.

There are lots of good reasons why it might be right for you to be your child’s piano teacher for a time – affordability, logistics, schedule conflicts, bad teachers, etc.  To be completely honest, we’ve all known an accredited bad teacher that does everything but foster learning to help a student succeed, and it’s no secret that piano lessons aren’t $5 a pop anymore – (if they are, I’d be leery of the teacher).

For our family, it’s the way to go right now.  The experience alone affords time together in an extra-curricular overload world, and despite popular belief, teaching your child piano can actually improve relationships.  There are resources, and there are teachers (like me!) who want to help you.

Something I have discovered though is that commitment is everything - so if you want to take the plunge, think one word...COMMIT.  Commit to making piano lessons a priority.  Commit to a consistent schedule.  Commit to setting goals & achieving them.  Commit to NOT throwing a fit because your parent-self demands perfection.  Commit to having fun and learning right along with your child.

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