Wednesday, May 24, 2017

SplashDown Cove

Most of what I remember from last summer revolves around a St. Bernard dog, a neuroscience class I took on-line, and losing Gabe in McCall. It was a little stressful (ha!), but one of my favorite memories lies in mid-August when we went to SplashDown Cove here in town one evening after Jared got home from work. Carlie won a free family pass at a birthday party earlier that summer, so we had to take advantage. We happened to go at a time when very few people were there, so it turned out to be the perfect summer night in my book. Looking at these pictures gets me so excited for the upcoming months.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Stepping Into the Light

I’m so grateful to be blogging right now.  This winter has been such a blessing - as hard as it’s been some days to feel all cooped up inside away from the cold - I love the solitude it’s granted. I have a lot on my mind...thinking about adulthood and overall, this day in age that we live in.  I saw a quote on Facebook months ago that said something like, “I’m at that point in life where I don’t even care if people like me anymore.  If you like me, cool.  If you don’t, okay.”  I’ve thought about that quote almost every day since!  

Being a primary president, or the president of any auxiliary in the church — it’s not for the faint of heart, especially when you actually care quite a bit about what other people think.  I’m not saying I do or I don’t.  I care about what my Maker thinks of me and how I treat His children, but regardless, I’m not the person I once was.  The Book of Mormon has been teaching me that leaders in the Lord’s kingdom must be meek and lowly of heart, yet full of strength to carry out His will.  Captain Moroni remained faithful, righteous, and strong at a time when death, suffering, and hatred were everywhere.  

I want to be true and faithful, completely honest — letting nothing compromise who I am inside, regardless of what a person will think of me as the result.  I appreciate the opportunity to work on this every day as I strive to feed His little lambs through my calling.

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

Last night I had a dream that really inspired me.  

The events of the dream are somewhat irrelevant, but the feeling I had upon awakening was powerful.  The house was quiet and light…the kind of light that comes from day number who-knows-what of a complete winter wonderland outside, snowflakes falling softly, but swiftly, no indication of stopping.  

I guess the overall feeling I felt was love, so much in fact that it was tangible; a love that empowered me to see and feel my burdens for what they were, almost like a release from the reflection I’ve been seeing of myself, a glimpse of my greatest, happiest self...perhaps through the eyes of one who saw me unabatedly clean, feeling separated from the torment of vulnerability.

In the quiet of my reflection before getting out of bed, the melody of one of my favorite songs came streaming into my mind -- “Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?”  I’d never thought of that song before in terms of challenges, but I will say that the question posed a remarkable viewpoint - that of creating a beautiful canvas from all the twists and turns of life.  Not feeling acted upon, or slighted in the least, yet empowered to paint with all the colors that came my way...for this life is but a transitory step forward on our journey home.